Retiring duplicate NEBO Alerts – Thursday, 08.17.2017

Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 10:42 am CT

Retiring duplicate NEBO Alerts

The below old NEBO alerts will be retiring on Thursday, 08/17 in an effort to remove duplicates. These alerts will be replaced by new and improved NEBO alerts (Table below). These new alerts will not just be limited to any single payer, and will be covering all payers as opposed to the alerts that are being retired.

All the client configurations and properties from the retiring alerts will automatically be transferred to the new NEBO alerts to ensure a smoother transition.

If you have Epic build looking at the character count for this alert please adjust appropriately.

Old Alert Code New Alert Code Alert Description
0149 (IL-Medicaid) 00BO Contracted Service Provider: {0}
6009 (IN-Medicaid) 00AQ Patient has Family Planning Services
7402 (LA-Medicaid) 0040 Family Planning Services Only.
CT04 (CT-Medicaid) 0039 Patient has Qualified Medicare Beneficiary.