Windows XP Access Denied Beginning 6-22-17: Contract Manager Suite, Claim Scrubber, Payer Alerts, PRP

Experian Health Key Contact                                           6/7/17

Experian Health is removing accessibility from computers running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system in June. The dates for the changes are as follows:

Thursday, June 15th – Changes deployed to the UAT environment.
Thursday, June 22nd – Changes deployed to Production.

Experian Health strives to be as cross-platform and cross-browser accessible as possible. However, Windows XP and the generation of web browsers it supported are fraught with security vulnerabilities and risks that can no longer be considered compliant in today’s environment.

In fact, Microsoft itself stopped officially supporting and enhancing Windows XP back on April 8th, 2014:

Additional information prior to and during this event will be posted here.

Health Product Dashboard at:

Thank you,
Experian Health Client Support

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