Contract Manager and Claim Scrubber Loading Issues and Backlog – 06.19.2017 UPDATE

Monday 06.19.17 7:30 PM CT:

The file backlog continues to process. Clients who have DEF/Writeback files may have received empty  or low volume files as a result of the claim files that had not loaded. Any changes will be included in the next DEF file delivery once the claim extract files have completed loading.

Monday 06.19.17 8:15 AM CT:

The error causing file loading delays has been resolved. Files are now loading at normal speeds. The resulting backlog is now being processed and should be completely cleared in the next several hours.

Root cause analysis is underway.

Monday 06.19.17 7:30 AM CT:

The engineering team is aware of issues that have slowed or halted Contract Manager and Claim Scrubber file processing for many clients over the weekend. This issue is being worked as a critical priority.

No ETA for fixing the issue and processing the backlog is available at this time.

Additional updates will be posed here as they become available.


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